The HELM AG is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of dimethylformamide (DMF) for all common areas of application.


The HELM AG is the exclusive marketing partner for the manufacturer Chemanol in Saudi Arabia, marketing approx. 60,000 tons per year. Having local storage tanks in all major demand markets around the world ensures that we can provide our customers with the best possible service and absolute certainty of supply as well as just-in-time deliveries. Countries where we do not have storage tanks are supplied directly by us by means of containers. Thanks to the very high and stable product quality, we have been given approval for all fields of application to date. The principal feedstocks for DMF are methanol, ammonia and carbon monoxide.

Examples of applications

The biggest field of application for DMF by far is the processing of polyurethane to manufacture synthetic leather products. The crop protection and pharmaceuticals industries use DMF in the production of active ingredients. In the petrochemical industry, DMF is used to extract certain products, such as benzene and butadiene. In the electrical industry, DMF also finds application as a solvent in the production of starting materials for the manufacture of circuit boards.


  • Bulk in road tank cars
  • Bulk in iso tank containers
  • In drums or ibc
  • Bulk in seagoing vessels / barges