Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) is one of the most important inorganic, strong acids. It is one of the most remarkable basic chemicals and it is found in various applications in a range of industry sectors.


The reaction between hydrogen chloride and water produces hydrochloric acid. A salt of hydrochloric acid is table salt (sodium chloride).

Technical grade hydrochloric acid is a colourless to pale yellow liquid with a pungent, stinging odour. The concentrations marketed by HELM range from 31 % to 34 %. A high-quality logistics network and an efficient supply structure allow HELM to operate with the ultimate in flexibility, offering hydrochloric acid from various sources, in different types of packaging and at competitive prices.

Examples of applications

Hydrochloric acid is used for water treatment in power stations. It also has a role in the pickling of metal parts, the processing of ore and rock phosphate, pH adjustment, neutralisation (electroplating pickling baths) and in the recovery of metal chlorides. Hydrochloric acid is used to clean metal, it also finds application in the textile sector and in the food industry (for example in the production of gelatine and sugar). Furthermore, hydrochloric acid is used in various cleaning and decalcification processes, as well as in the pharmaceuticals and fertilizer industries.


  • Loose bulk in road tankers
  • Loose bulk in rail tank cars
  • Loose bulk in ISO containers
  • In IBCs