Isophthalic Acid

Isophthalic Acid is a crystalline powder used as the diacid component in the synthesis of high quality resins for industrial coatings and for structural resins for fibreglass reinforced plastics applications. 


Resins utilising Isophthalic Acid as a component show superior hardness, improved chemical, stain, humidity and corrosion resistance and superior outdoor weathering characteristics. A major use of Isophthalic Acid is also as a component in the manufacture of PET resin which is used for drinking bottles and as a component in the manufacture of Powder Coating resins. It is a versatile and high specification material.

Examples of applications

A typical field of application is in the production of gel coat resin for the structural component industry. Resin makers may also be taking other resin components such as Glycols and Anhydrides also supplied by HELM.


  • 25 kg
  • 500 kg
  • 1 mt big bags