Ammonium Phosphate

Article no.: HGB Ammonium Phosphate

Ammonium phosphates are fertilizers containing mainly nitrogen and phosphate. The most commonly used NP-fertilizers are NP 20-20-0, NP16-20-0, NP 14-34.

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NP-fertilizers are the salts of ammonia and phosphoric acid. They are available in granular form and can replace granular ammonium sulphate in blends, due to their sulphur content can be as high as 14%. NP-fertilizers are related salts to di-ammonium-phosphate (DAP) and mono-ammonium-phosphate (MAP). Most NP-fertilizers distributed by HELM contain 100% ammonium nitrogen.

Examples of applications

NP-fertilizers are easily available to the plant. The main application is for corn as sidedress and additional fertilization in soild with low phosphorous reserves. Ammonium phosphates are commonly used as blending feedstock in the production of multi-compound fertilizer or in straight application, where little or no potassium is required. Many NP-fertilizers contain sulphur and are therefore having additional value in soils with sulphur deficiencies.

Product characteristics

  • NP 16-20-0-13S
  • NP 20-20-0-14S
  • NP 14-34-0-8S
  • NP 12-46-0-7S
  • NP 19-38-0-7S


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