HELM opens regional Head Office in Singapore

HELM has known the Asian market for decades and already has 13 offices on site in Asia. By opening a regional Head Office in Singapore, HELM AG consistently implements its strategic orientation, namely to generate dynamic growth in Asia’s emerging markets.

Singapore - May 1, 2015

“Don’t do business with Asia; you have to do business within Asia,” says Hans-Christian Sievers, CEO of HELM AG. “Only in this way can we react at short notice to changes on site as they unfold and do justice to meeting the needs of our extremely dynamic business. At the same time we can analyse trends and flows and prepare for these on a sustainable basis.”

By opening its regional Head Office in Singapore, HELM is in the process of shifting decision-making authority to the Asian region. The business generated by those companies already existing in Asia is controlled from Singapore. In this way, HELM achieves a broad coverage of its traditional core markets, namely China, Korea and Japan, and is laying the foundations for successful management of business in the ASEAN region.

A team of 10 experienced traders and logistics experts who are very well acquainted with the Asian market will further extend the product field of chemicals. The primary focus of marketing is on petrochemical industrial chemicals, and other focal points are at the planning stage.

The family enterprise HELM AG, established in Hamburg in the year 1900, has been successfully engaged as marketing enterprise for chemicals on an international scale for over 114 years now. These long-term international activities in particular have shown that the regional chemicals business is based on regional supply strategies.