Three new storage locations in England

HELM extends direct marketer business, investing in Mistley, Bristol, and Howdendyke

Hamburg/ Germany - Mistley, Bristol, Howdendyke/ England
November 15, 2014

HELM is in the process of extending its fertilizer business in England with as many as three new locations.

The locations of Mistley and Bristol have storage capacities of 6,000 t each.

Howdendyke, another new location, has storage capacities of 15,000 t and also has a blending facility at its disposal for a volume of 100,000 t p/a. The new plant commissioned in April 2014 means that quality coated blends are now produced in Howdendyke as well. The new locations and blends will facilitate a highly promising debut in direct marketer operations.

Olivier Saulnier

Olivier Saulnier

Executive Director Fertilizer vCard