New: a storage location in an excellent strategic position in Huelva, Spain

With its new location, HELM reliably and sustainably satisfies the demand for liquid and solid-state fertilizer in southern Spain and Portugal

Hamburg/ Germany - Huelva/ Spain
December 1, 2014

In December 2014, the first vessel carrying 15,000 t of liquid fertilizer arrived at HELM’s new location in Huelva in southern Spain. In strategic terms, Huelva is situated in a particularly favourable location in close proximity to Europe’s major agricultural regions, namely Andalusia and Extremadura. In addition, Huelva can be served from the Portuguese market. Its new location will enable HELM to satisfy the demand for liquid and solid-state fertilizer in the region in a sustainable manner.

  • Sophie Saul
    Head of Public Relations & Corporate Communications
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  • Olivier Saulnier
    Executive Director
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