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    Adipic Acid

    Also known under the product name:

    • Hexanedioic Acid
    • Hexane-1,6-Dioic Acid

    CAS-Nr.: 124-04-9
    EINECS-Nr.: 204-673-3


    Adipic Acid

    Adipic Acid is an organic dicarboxylic acid.

    Adipic Acid is a high purity, white crystalline powder. It is produced via the Cyclohexane, Phenol or Cyclohexene route whereof Cyclohexane is the most common one. Due to its outstanding uniformity and very stable performance Adipic Acid is used in various applications.

    Examples of applications

    Adipic Acid is used as an intermediate in the synthesis of, for example Polyamide (Nylon 6.6), Plasticizers, Polyurethanes, Synthetic Resins, Dyestuffs, Fibres, Textile and Leather Auxiliaries, Lubricants, Starch, Fertilizers and Powder Coatings.


    • 25 kg bags
    • 500 or 1,000 kg big bags
    • Bulk in silo truck

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