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Isophthalic Acid

    CAS-Nr.: 121-91-5
    EINECS-Nr.: 204-506-4


    Isophthalic Acid

    Isophthalic Acid is a crystalline powder used as the diacid component in the synthesis of high quali-ty resins for industrial coatings and for structural resins for fibreglass reinforced plastics applica-tions. Resins utilising Isophthalic Acid as a component show superior hardness, improved chemi-cal, stain, humidity and corrosion resistance and superior outdoor weathering characteristics. A major use of Isophthalic Acid is also as a component in the manufacture of PET resin which is used for drinking bottles and as a component in the manufacture of Powder Coating resins. It is a versa-tile and high specification material.

    Examples of applications

    A typical field of application is in the production of gel coat resin for the structural component in-dustry. Resin makers may also be taking other resin components such as Glycols and Anhydrides also supplied by HELM.


    • 25 kg
    • 500 kg
    • 1 mt big bags

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