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    Phosphoric Acid

    Also known under the product name:

    • Orthophosphoric Acid

    CAS-Nr.: 7664-38-2


    Phosphoric Acid

    Phosphoric acid is required as a feedstock for the production of various phosphate fertilizers and for use in technical applications. In highly concentrated form, it is also used as a preservative in foodstuffs and animal feeds.

    HELM markets phosphoric acid in a range of different quality grades – from phosphoric acid for technical applications in the field of chemicals/derivatives right through to food grade quality in the animal nutrition sector. 90% of the worldwide supply of phosphoric acid is used in the production of fertilizers. For instance, at HELM phosphoric acid is mainly used in the production of DAP, MAP, NP, NPK and TSP.

    Examples of applications

    Population growth worldwide and the surge in demand for agricultural products and biofuels are taking an ever-increasing toll on crops and soils. Phosphate has a decisive role in protecting yields.


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