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As a global company, we have a social responsibility to customers, employees, investors, and the public. For us, this social responsibility includes always complying with applicable laws everywhere. To ensure this, we have implemented a comprehensive system of measures.

The basis for this is the

HELM Code of Conduct (HCOC).

The HCOC sets out the basic principles and compliance rules by which we act at HELM.

Download HCOC

HELMLINE – HELM's whistleblower system

Our HELMLINE whistleblower system offers all employees, as well as our business partners, our suppliers and their employees, and other third parties with a professional context, a protected communication channel for tips on possible compliance violations relating to topics including human rights, environmental and climate violations, occupational health and safety, corruption, antitrust, and data protection.

All whistleblowers are expressly encouraged to notify us as soon as possible if they notice or suspect that someone is behaving in a non-compliant or dishonest manner in the course of their work for our company or one of our partners. This can help prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

If a suspicion is reported in good faith, the whistleblower – regardless of whether the suspicion is ultimately confirmed or not – does not have to fear any disadvantages. In particular, no retaliation or discrimination will be tolerated.

Report a suspicion now

You have several options :

  1. You address a supervisor or company executive directly.
  2. You contact Compliance or HR.
  3. You report your tip to our HELMLINE by telephone or via a secure Internet connection. If you wish, you can also report anonymously. For example, directly here:

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